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What does C RP R T  N do?

C RP R T  N (pronounced "corporation") is a design-focused company, dedicated to giving your customers a curated, invite-only destination to discover your exclusive product and content.

We are not about slapping logos on coffee mugs.  Instead, we closely partner with brands who have an impassioned vision and desire to tell a compelling story through elevated design.

Invite your customers with a unique URL (and password if you want to add an extra  sense of FOMO) to explore your brand exclusively through C RP R T  N  a new dimension in the influencer-fan experience.

What makes C RP R T  N different?

Well, a bunch of things...

  • Elevated product and content. We’re not about slapping logos on tschochkees.  Rather, we focus on developing premium-quality, exclusive and customized products and content with brands who want to tell a strong narrative through design.  Our passion is to create elevated, limited-edition products and content with a white glove touch.  
  • We take-on 100% of the financial cost and risk. All you have to do is communicate and collaborate your vision with us, and promote the final product. We take care of the rest.
  • We are a team of successful and pedigreed entrepreneurs, designers, producers and illustrators who work with you one-on-one to make sure we are are 100% aligned with your vision.
  • We may it easy for you to make money — our revenue share calculation is straightforward and transparent.
  • Exclusive.  We offer a unique URL that your fans can click on your social channels to take you to your own, personalized and customized e-store presence on our site.  Password-protect option is also available if you want to provide a stronger sense of exclusivity.  Your page should reflect your image and brand. It’s about you, not us.

    How much do we earn?

    We keep it simple: you receive your revenue share "off the top" of every sale.  No fancy math.  We use the balance to pay for things like:

    • product & packaging design
    • e-store design, build-out & operation
    • product sampling
    • bulk merchandise & packaging production
    • warehousing & fulfillment
    • customer service

    How do we get paid?

    We issue checks last day of every month next succeeding your sale. So for example, if we launch your first sale on May 20, we will send your first check on June 30.

    What kinds of products can you design and produce?

    We have the capability to custom design myriad categories. Some of these include:

    • Skin care
    • Jewelry
    • Fragrance
    • Eyewear
    • Toys
    • Cosmetics & beauty
    • Footwear (including sneakers)
    • Apparel (men, women, kids)
    • Publishing (e.g., books, calendars, notecards, stationary)
    • Fun stuff (e.g., puzzles, bobbleheads)
    • Wearable accessories (e.g., belts, wallets, socks, hats, gloves)
    • Or tell us what you're thinking, and we can probably do it!

    How do we learn more or sign-up?

    Please fill out the form here [link] or email us at info@crprtn.com. Please give us a day or two to review with the team and get back to you with next steps.

    What is our responsibility?

    You will need to promote the product or products on your social channels.  You know your audience and customers better than anyone, so you have 100% control on your message. But we do ask that you promote on all your channels so we can all make some money.  We will provide you with your own unique URL that links to your own customized landing page (or password-protected page) and product detail page on crprtn.com.

    Who pays for the design and production of our products?

    We do. 100%. We take on all of the financial risk and take care of all the behind-the-scenes, roll-up-the-sleeves work including design, sampling, production, photoshoot product, e-store branding and design, e-store operation, fulfillment, warehousing, customer service and accounting. 

    How many units do you order?

    This is something we determine together. If it’s limited edition (e.g., a few hundred units) we can do that. If it’s thousands or tens of thousands? We can do that too. Depends on the program you are envisioning. We will figure it out together.

    Can I send you merch we already have, and sell it on C RP R T  N?

    Yes, this is something we can do.  We can discuss an adjusted revenue share since you’ve already paid for the product.

    How do you manage the product design and development process?

     You’re busy, so we make it easy.

    1. We have an initial call or meet in person to discuss your product and design vision.
    2. Our design team generates concepts and shares them with you for further discussion, revision and tweaks.
    3. We can do this as many times as necessary until you’re 100% satisfied with the final design. You will ultimately have “approval" over the final design.
    4. We will create a physical sample that we will send to you for in-person review. Again, you will have an opportunity to suggest edits, tweaks, improvements, or, if you’re 100% happy, approve.
    5. We will set up your custom e-store webpage on crprtn.com and feature your custom product or content (it will look something like this: crprtn.com/collections/YOURBRAND.
    6. You will promote it on your social channels using the custom link we create for you. If you also want a password-protected landing page, we can create that, too.
    7. We start selling!

    How long do you keep products on sale?

    It’s totally up to you. We recommend a minimum 48 hours.  But we can sell ongoing if you prefer.  We can discuss the best strategy for you on a case-by-case basis.  Sometimes limited-edition sales is best direction. Other times, you may want to keep selling if the products have a long shelf-life and you are looking for a replenishment program.

    What other services do you offer?

    As part of our offering, we cover the costs and administration of everything — from concept to customer:

    • Product design
    • Packaging design
    • E-store page design (on crprtn.com)
    • Product photography
    • Warehouse/fulfillment to customers (through our domestic warehouse partners)
    • Customer service (returns, refunds, exchanges, customer inquiries, etc). 

    Do you ship internationally?

    Yes, we are equipped to ship to customers worldwide. We got it covered.

    What images or videos can we use?

    We will provide you with a product page image size if you want to feature an image. If you prefer a video, we can upload or embed a video. 

    Who owns the designs and other IP?

    C RP R T  N owns the website and e-store presence we build-out for you. We also hold an exclusive license on the products that we design, produce and sell for you on crprtn.com.  If you want to take ownership of the products we design and produce we can negotiate a release.

    How long does the contract last?

    We agree to the term together. So if we're talking about a 48 hour limited-edition sale, then the term is for 48 hours. If it's an ongoing replenishment program, we will agree to a term that makes sense for you.


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